Joining Fulbrook

Prospective pupils may visit the school at any time by prior appointment. They may also attend our Open Evening in early November.

We have an Admissions Policy which can be viewed by clicking the link below.  This policy complies with the Admissions Code of Practice. If there are more applications than places available, the following criteria (in the order shown) will apply for selection: 

1. All ‘looked after’ children or children who were previously ‘looked after’ (see definitions);

2. Pupils living in the catchment area (to include the 'Parklands' Development), with siblings at the school (see definition of sibling and catchment area);

3. Other pupils living in the catchment area (to include the ‘Parklands’ Development), and Service Children with a confirmed posting to the catchment area or crown servants returning from overseas to live in the catchment area;

4. ‘Very exceptional’ medical grounds (see definition);

5. Other siblings (see definition);

6. Students who have attended Fulbrook's feeder schools i.e. Aspley Guise, Husborne Crawley, Ridgmont, Swallowfield and Woburn Lower Schools;

7. Children of staff working at Fulbrook Academy;

8. Any other children.

* Please see the full definitions and listings in our Admissions Policy. 

The Admission number per year at Fulbrook Middle School is 110 pupils. 

In Year Applications

If your child is starting Fulbrook at any time after the initial September Year 5 entry start date, no matter where you live, please apply only through Central Bedfordshire Council at: or you can collect an application form from our School Office. 

For a complete explanation of our admission arrangements please click the link above to view our current Admissions Policy.


In Year Applications are for:

  • Moving schools during the academic year

  • Joining a school not at the point of entry (not during the transfer phase, i.e. at the start of Year 5)

  • When you are moving into Central Bedfordshire

How to Apply

Parents apply for a place for their child at Fulbrook usually from Bedfordshire, 

Buckinghamshire or Milton Keynes. The application process is dependent on where you live, and when you apply during the school year.


The Process is as follows, but please contact the School Office if you need further information: 

If your child is starting Fulbrook in Year 5 at the point of entry in September, you should apply for a place through the County in which you have your main residence. 

Listed below are the names and telephone numbers of our neighbouring local authorities. please contact the local authority for the area in which you live, if you wish to apply for a school place at Fulbrook.

If you require any other information please contact the school by;

The time and effort taken to ensure a smooth transition from Lower School was excellent - our son felt comfortable with Fulbrook before starting