Meet our Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mr J Wall - Deputy Head
& Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Clancy - Headteacher
Teaching Staff
Miss A Bates
Mrs S Baulard
Mr N Colbourne
Mrs K Deardon
Mrs D Farmer-Backhouse
Mr S Ferrell
Mr B Freeman
Mrs A Goodwin
Mr L Greenwood
Mrs C Jones
Mrs C Leach
Ms C McDowell
Mrs E Macmillan
Mrs J McQuillan
Mr S Norris
Miss G Palmer
Mrs R Patel
Mr R G Roberts
Mrs S Rosos
Mr S Thomas
Mrs N Toncheva
Mrs B Ward
Mr S Wareham
Mrs P Woodford
Humanities and PSHE Tutor currently on maternity leave
French Subject Leader, Y8 Form Tutor
Science Subject Leader, Yr 5 Form Tutor
KS2 / KS3 Subjects Tutor / Cover Supervisor / Yr 6 Form Tutor       
Maths Tutor, Yr 8 Form Tutor
PE and Maths Tutor, Yr 7 Form Tutor
KS2/KS3 History and English Tutor, Year 6 Form Tutor
Pastoral & Community Leader / History Subject Leader
Yr 5&6  Leader/Geography Subject Leader/KS2&KS3 Subjects Tutor
Music Subject Leader / Yr 7 Form Tutor currently on maternity leave
PHSE Subject Leader / KS2 & KS3 Subjects Tutor / Yr 5 Form Tutor
ITT Coordinator and Wellbeing Lead / KS3 English Subject Leader /
RE Subject Leader / Yr 8 Form Tutor
Art Subject Leader / Yr 6 Form Tutor
SENDCo / English Tutor
Maths Subject Leader / Yr 7 Form Tutor
Music and Drama Tutor / Yr 7 Form Tutor
KS2/KS3 Subjects Tutor / Yr 8 Form Tutor
Maths Tutor / Yr 7 Form Tutor
KS2 English Subject Leader / Year 5 Form Tutor
Behaviour and Attendance Leader / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / DT & Computing Subjects Leader / Yr 8 Form Tutor
English Tutor / Yr 6 Form Tutor
Food Technology & Textiles Tutor / Yr 8 Form Tutor
Yr 8 Leader / PE Subject Leader / Yr 8 Form Tutor
Science Tutor / Yr 5 Form Tutor
Administration & Support Staff
Miss P Brewster
Miss N Parrott
Mrs L Diaby
Miss C Gibson
Mrs J Greenwell
Mrs L Griffiths
Mrs M Harvey
Mr D Mitchell
Mrs L Newnham
Miss S Budd
Mrs J Gamble
Mr H Cerrone

Librarian, Reprographics / First Aider
Headteacher's PA / First Aider
School Business Manager
Receptionist / First Aider
Assessment Officer / First Aider
Finance Assistant / First Aider
School Secretary / First Aider
Site Agent
Practical Technician
Miss R Cooper
Mr J Evans
Mrs J Hayden
Mrs J Hawkins
Mrs D Johnson
Ms V Lee
Mrs J Masters
Mrs J McQuillan
Mrs J Nicholls
Miss A Powell
Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant
SEND Administrator
Learning Support Assistant
Specialist Support Tutor
SENDCo / English Tutor 
Pastoral Support Co-ordinator / School Council Co-ordinator
Learning Support Assistant
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Fulbrook Middle School

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Fulbrook Middle School is a trading name of Fulbrook Academy, a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales.

Registered Number 07695419  |  VAT Number 129 761 882