School Uniform



  • charcoal grey tailored trousers (not ’skinny legged’) or appropriate length charcoal grey skirt  (not ‘tube’ or ‘skater’ style) or skorts or tailored shorts

  • plain navy pullover, or school pullover (no sweatshirts please)

  • school tie*

  • white shirt

  • plain dark socks with trousers or white ankle socks with skirt or tailored shorts (not trainer socks) or knee high white or charcoal grey socks, or black/charcoal grey tights

  • sensible black shoes (not boots, trainers or sandals) which can be polished

  • blue polo shirt with the school logo (summer term only)

PE Kit


  • pair of trainers (not plimsolls)

  • pair of football boots suitable for use on 3G pitch (this can include astro turf trainers)

  • blue school PE polo shirt*

  • plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms (no stripes or big logos) 

  • blue school PE jersey*

  • royal blue football socks  and everyday white socks for PE

  • shin pads

  • gum shield (available from school £2.50)

*Optional extra: child’s initials printed on these items.

Uniform Requirements

All pupils are expected to wear school uniform and to wear it smartly. We believe these high standards of appearance have a significant effect upon the ethos, spirit and ultimately the success of the school. 

  • Jewellery is not allowed in school (apart from an inexpensive watch) 

  • One plain stud earring may be worn in each earlobe 

  • Make-up is not allowed 

  • Hair should be smart and tidy. Hair should be no less than a ‘number two’,  neither should it be long or unkempt. Patterns should not be shaved into the  hair. Long hair should be tied back. Hair should not be dyed an unnatural  colour 

  • Proper school shoes should be worn in school – no trainers, boots or sandals. Please make sure the shoes are sensible and appropriate for life in crowded corridors and busy staircases.

  • No ‘hoodies’ or sweatshirts to be worn in school. We recommend that all children wear the school navy pullover to keep warm indoors and wear a waterproof coat outdoors 

  • Pupils are required to wear a white shirt and school tie from September to April 

  • Pupils may wear the school polo shirt with the school logo in the summer term 


Please ensure that all articles of clothing and games kit are clearly and permanently marked with the pupil's name. This is most important so that we can trace lost items quickly and return them to the owner. 

Games and P.E. kit should be brought to school on the day on which it is required and taken home again in the evening. In cold weather the children are encouraged to bring in a plain, dark tracksuit. 

Uniform Supplier

All items on the lists marked * are to be bought direct on-line from the school supplier, Kedaph Schoolwear.

These items are all very reasonably priced.  Please place uniform orders online, allowing ten days for delivery.

All other parts of the uniform, such as white shirts, trousers and skirts, can be bought from most department or supermarket stores. 

We strongly discourage the bringing to school of any items of value or large sums of money. We discourage children from bringing mobile phones to school. If parents choose to allow children to bring them then they must be locked away in their lockers during the school day—8.40am to 3.35pm. 


We will not accept responsibility for any lost or broken mobile phones. Pupils are not permitted to use them on the school site. 

If your child is eligible to receive Pupil Premium funding, please contact Miss Parrott at to register your uniform needs.