Values and Ethos

Every Child Matters

Our vision for Fulbrook is for it to be at the heart of the community, providing a wealth of learning opportunities for our pupils, their families and our staff. We want Fulbrook to be recognised as a school where everyone achieves personal success. Fulbrook is a Values-based, inclusive school, where our principles and beliefs underpin all we do. We wish Fulbrook to remain a happy, caring, safe and stimulating place for all. 

My son has been happy and settled at Fulbrook these past three years, and I thank you so much for that. I do believe that Fulbrook is a lovely school with fantastic teachers 


Striving for Excellence

Fulbrook is a special and unique place. Visitors to our school often inform us of how struck they are by the disciplined, caring and happy atmosphere that is evident.


Our dedicated, talented staff work hard to inspire and support. Teachers provide vibrant and creative lessons, delivered in purposeful and well resourced classrooms. 

Relationships between pupils and teachers are good.  As a result, pupils enjoy school and work hard to succeed.

Ofsted, December 2016

Respect, Rewards and Relationships

At Fulbrook Middle School we respect each other and are committed to an ethos in which we work and learn together for success. We actively look for opportunities to celebrate achievement. Courtesy and the consideration for others are essential to our whole school values. An environment in which pupils feel safe and cared for is vital for their learning. We believe that ‘good behaviour leads to good learning’.